Ten years I trained to be the best boxer there is. I had fighters blood pumping through my veins and

I was a lethal opponent. One to be feared. Twelve years I spent with my first love, we were childhood

sweethearts and I was ready to make her my wife. My brother would have been my best man, his wife

would have been her maid of honor. 

11 minutes 13 seconds. 

That was all the time it took to rip my fucking world apart. 

I. Am. Broken. 

And not the kind of broken that can be fucking fixed. Ever. I will always be imprisoned in a darkness

I can never fully escape from. Infected with a disease that can never be cured. 


Every fucking day I struggle to survive...

I've not felt alive until now. 

Until her.

Skylar fucking Barrett.

She is an actress, a millionaire, every man’s wet dream. On the surface she has everything; wants for

nothing. But I see what lies beneath her facade. She walks a fine line between the dark and the light.

She’s a sinner and a savior. And she has chosen me. She needs my protection and I. Need. Her.

I know I can protect her. 

I know I can destroy her. 

She is my redemption. My destruction. 

But she is mine. 

Even if it ruins us both.

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