Teaser from Heathen: Coming 2017


“I’ve fallen in love with you Cass.” 

     There it is. She said it. I knew she was close. The signs were all there. If I went deaf and blind I could still tell you the minute a girl starts falling in love with me. The touches become more possessive, yet gentle. There is a new light in their eyes every time they look at me. I can almost sense the warmth in their chest growing as they feel comfortable enough to tell me more of their secrets, more of their pasts. Trusting me to keep every part of their body, their souls, their hearts, safe.

“You love me babe?” The innocent look in my eyes, the softness of my voice and my small smile has effectively dropped her guard entirely. 

“Yes.  I do. I love you so much,” she says throwing her arms around my neck, pushing me further into the bed as she rains light sweet kisses down on my face.

She loves me. No matter how many times I hear it from girls the high never dies. It never gets old. And now my heart beats faster, blood pumping harder with excitement, with the anticipation of what I know I get to do next.

“Well.  Fuck.” I push her lightly away from me, un-wrapping her arms from around my neck.  Confusion rolls over her eyes, but the smile still remains; as if she is still holding out hope I’m going to say it back. I smile back at her, letting her hold onto that hope for seconds more because it will make this so much sweeter for me.

“Cass?” Doubt begins to creep within her as her smile falters and mine only grows larger.

“Sweet Madeline, babe, these last two months have been great, don’t get me wrong,” and they have been.  Madeline is a great lay, so giving, so responsive. 


“Yea, really great, but I think this has run its course.  Don’t you agree?” Of course I know she doesn’t.  I’m not a fucking idiot; she just told me she loves me.

“I just told you I love you Cass!  Are-are you breaking up with me?” 

     The tears start flooding those baby blues and my dick gets harder with every drop that falls on her cheeks. I’m breaking her heart. Tearing it right out of her chest, causing her pain after giving her so much pleasure and I’m getting turned on by it. 

I’m sick. I know this. But I can’t help it. Among all my addictions this one, this one is my favorite. I run my finger down her cheek, picking up one of her tears, carefully placing my finger in my mouth; licking it, sucking the wetness from it. Tears always taste different; tears of love taste sweet and the tears of sadness taste even sweeter. I know how wrong this looks to her, but like with any addiction your needs always war with your wants and your wants know no bounds.  They adhere to no reason. And I just take without remorse and ride the high.

You met him in After The Break. You may have wanted to throat punch him a little.  But, be honest...  You're a little curious

You met him in After The Break. You may have wanted to throat punch him a little.

But, be honest...

You're a little curious