First Blog Post EVER

So, for my first blog post that will be shared on my first website that features the first book I will  publish I figured I would talk about how I came up with the idea for After The Break.  I am sure my idea came like most author's book ideas before me; a TMZ video.

Ok, maybe not most authors, but I imagine some...right?  Anyway, the video I saw was one of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (this was pre-breakup, and post re-engagement, and just a side note I TOTALLY predicted they would get back together, so go me!) coming down the escalator at LAX airport.  The scene was insane, paparazzi were everywhere, crowding around them, yelling out questions over one another; it was absolute chaos.  And through the entire paparazzi swarm fuck-fest Miley stood behind Liam, Liam held her hand and tried his best to block her from their view and I had a big "awwwwwwwww" moment. I am a total sappy sucker, I know.  

Now, a little fact about me is that I used to be big into acting.  It was a passion for me from ten to twenty.  I even moved to California to pursue it more seriously and decide for myself if it was something I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  Turns out, it wasn't, although I still love it, I didn't love it enough to work hard to achieve my goals.  But during my time in L.A. I did learn a lot of the ins and outs about the movie business and the business of celebrity.  As well as some of the secrets a lot of people don't even know about Hollywood.  That world is of course glamours and glitzy but it is also addictive and dirty and incredibly fascinating.

Turns out I wasn't meant to act, but I was meant to write.  Writing and reading has also been a long time passion of mine, but one that is here to stay.  One I will bleed to succeed at (but not the gross kind of gushing type bleeding, more the dainty, paper cut type. Blood is gross after all.)  And after seeing that random Miley and Liam TMZ video, combined with my knowledge of the Hollywood acting lifestyle, an idea was born.  While I may mostly only make mention of the character Liam in many, many, MANY of my posts and teasers, Skylar will be the one I hope stands out most of all.  

With After The Break I want to create a story that gives the reader an idea of what it's like to be a Hollywood starlet.  How the media will portray and manipulate her to the public, versus what really may be going on behind close doors.  I also want to give the reader a couple to root for.  Hopefully balance the dark with some humor, compassion, love and definitely some sexy times.  

So if any of that appeals to you go forth and TBR on Goodreads!!! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, AOL, AIM, MYSPACE, my front lawn, my backyard....any of those places you will be able to get updates to After The Break.  If none of it appeals to you then just buy it anyway and gift to a friend who it might! Sharing is caring after all. ;)