Once upon a time, in my innocent youth I had a dream of being a figure skater. Mostly because I loved the outfits and the smell of the ice. Then, one day, I fell flat on my ass and those dreams disappeared quickly...because...ouch. After that my dreams progressed with my age; there was the police officer, the actress, the fed, the Burlesque Club owner, the spy, the therapist, the dragon hunter. I learned everything I could about every profession I was interested in (yes even the dragon hunter). Then I came to a realization; I blame all my obscure professional dreams on the fact that I was such an avid reader. I devoured books like crazy & after each one I was enthralled. I just wanted to live in the stories, become the characters. And that is when I knew. I was meant to be an author. I was born to create the stories I so badly wanted to be a part of. So here I am today, making all my dreams come true through my writing and hopefully you, the reader, enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!